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Shoe Cleaning Brushes

shoe cleaning brushes

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shoe cleaning brushes - Kick Away

Kick Away Shoe and Boot Cleaner, Heavy Duty Commercial Model

Kick Away Shoe and Boot Cleaner, Heavy Duty Commercial Model

The "Kick Away" shoe and boot cleaner and scraper series has been designed to be the most effective and affordable shoe and boot cleaner on the market today. The Heavy Duty Commerical model comes with poly brush mounts with a combination of poly and nylon bristles. Our poly brush mounts won't rot or crack as do typical wood brush mount models and our durable steel frame has a 6 year warranty. A built in scraper makes it quicker and easier to remove excessive and hard caked on grime of any kind from the bottom and sides of your shoes. Replacement brush kits available. No assembly required. Recommended for extremely high traffic areas. Why track it in when you can Kick it Away!

78% (9)

Co-operative Wholesale Society - CWS Brush Works "art nouveau" shoe cleaning kit box, c1910

Co-operative Wholesale Society - CWS Brush Works "art nouveau" shoe cleaning kit box, c1910

The wonderful CWS (Co-operative Wholesale Society) used to have numerous works and factories to make a wide range of products. Amongst these were the products of the two brush works - at Hunslet in Leeds and Wymondham in Norfolk. In those days brushes were important - for household cleaning - and as here for shoe and boot polishing. This tin contained a set of brushes and various tins of polish. It dates, I suspect, to the period c1900 - 1914 and is wonderfully art-nouveau in style with the poppies framing the relief lettering and panels.

Automatic Shoes Cleaner 2,000 yen

Automatic Shoes Cleaner 2,000 yen

Polish your shoes the easy way!
Includes the Automatic Cleaner, 2 canisters of shoe polish (black and brown), 2 brush shoe polish applicators and 2 sponge buffers for shine.

This comes with a carry case with convenient handle to take anywhere.
Sell for 2,000 yen by bank or postal transfer. Powered by batteries. Will send Chakubarai or pick up in JR Kannai or Sakuragicho stations.

shoe cleaning brushes

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