Twist Cleaning Products

twist cleaning products

  • Form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape

  • Turn or bend into a specified position or in a specified direction

  • writhe: to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling); "The prisoner writhed in discomfort"; "The child tried to wriggle free from his aunt's embrace"

  • Form (something) into a particular shape by taking hold of one or both ends and turning them

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twist cleaning products - The Naturally

The Naturally Scented Home: Creating Traditional Scented Products with a Modern Twist

The Naturally Scented Home: Creating Traditional Scented Products with a Modern Twist

Any real estate agent will advise you boiling lemons or oranges will provide a "welcome" scent, while masking any unpleasant ones. It works, and drawing from the highly popular tradition of aromatherapy, a top interior designer shows how to keep a home smelling fresh and sweet and pure--emphasizing the use of easy, effective, and 100-percent-natural recipes. Beyond simple solutions to handling nasty odors, from banishing cooking smells to deodorizing a dog's bed, she offers exotic ideas (scented inks, pampering bath oils) for increasing your domestic pleasures. Concoct your own fragrant insecticides, air fresheners, furniture creams, laundry soap, moth bags, and more, and in addition make the most of flowers and incense. A Selection of the Country Home Book Club.

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Lateral thinking with a bitter twist

Lateral thinking with a bitter twist

I meant to take a picture of the setup but forgot as i was too busy cursing myself for dropping a strobe and receiver in the water lol, ill list instead

30l fish tank infront of a sheet of steel sprayed black, tilted back to avoid any glare and covered in water so any splashes wouldn't show up as i couldnt get it as far away is i would have liked,
60mm plastic pipe to launch the lemon clamped to two tripods at the required angle, pointing into the centre of the tank,
camera on tripod turned so that the pipe was perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the head.

camera left 100%- about 6 feet away from tank, snooted to the point of impact-fired by remote trigger
camera right 100%- same as above but about 2 feet away fired by slave as i dropped a strobe and my other receiver in the tank white setting up. doh!!

This was my first attempt at a shot anything like this, firstly i tried for 2 hours trying to get a shot that didn't show reflections,smears or drops of water on the glass so i decided to go to Halfords for some water repellent as simple glass cleaner didn't do much .

I used turtle wax products because they were 3 for 2 lol i used "Clear vue glass polish" twice then "clear vue glas polish" then "clear vue rain repellant"

the rain repellant worked a treat, any drops just ran straight off before i could even think about taking another shot.

next time though ill try and darken the room a bit more so i dont get the ghosting of the subject before the strobes fire.

Any advice/comments will be gladly received



Technically advanced Spiral Potato machine satisfies the modern and increasing demands for the preparation of Spiral Potato on hot dogs, Twisted Chips on sausage, chipstix on stick etc. Automatic feeding & discharge saves time. The Spiral Potato business, thanks to the available wide range of interchangeable ribbon chips, slices, tornado chips, shreds quickly and accurately, without altering the natural qualities of the products. The tubular feed-throat can be used to cut long shaped vegetables.
All contacting parts are stainless steel an aluminum which is totally hygienic.
Stainless steel shaft the discs have stainless steel bushings and are fitted with easily removable stainless steel blades and grids, assuring hygiene cleaning. more details call us at 0091 - 9703202020

twist cleaning products

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