Ear Cleaning Spray

ear cleaning spray

    ear cleaning
  • use of cleaner and cotton balls to remove dirt, oils, and build up in the outer opening of ear; certain breeds such as poodles and schnauzers also require the hair in the ear canal to be plucked.

  • Sprinkle or cover (someone or something) with a shower of tiny drops of liquid

  • a pesticide in suspension or solution; intended for spraying

  • a quantity of small objects flying through the air; "a spray of bullets"

  • be discharged in sprays of liquid; "Water sprayed all over the floor"

  • Apply (liquid) to someone or something in the form of a shower of tiny drops

  • (of liquid) Be driven through the air or forced out of something in such a form

ear cleaning spray - White ear

White ear cleaning tool Ear Wax Remover with LED Light

White ear cleaning tool Ear Wax Remover with LED Light

Price is only for one piece, not for two pieces. The color is white. Newest design for this ear wax, ear wax remover with LED light. The spoon part illuminates to inspect the inside of an ear. Best choice both for children and adult with two different types of ear pick. Description: The safest & easy way to clean your families ears & remove ear wax! The Ear Wax Removal Tool (with clear cup tip) lights up the ear canal by running through the transparent Light Earpick. You can easily & safely remove the build up ear wax in baby, children & adults. With 3 types of Transparent Accessories: Two types of Ear Wax Cleaner (thick & thin) for different ear hole sizes of children & adults. One tweezers for catching big earwax.?Simple to use, totally safe, easy to clean & reusable. Ear Wax Remover powered by 1 x AAA battery. Size: 13.5x 1.4cm Weight: 33g

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Cleaning up!

Cleaning up!

Fauna Fhang looks over herself and then Brekka. They were covered in sand and it was hilarious. She could even feel some in her underpants. That wasn't gonna turn out well.

Dirk (Prime Parx): shrugs stepping back " yeah you two look like you got mugged by homeless guys"

Brekka Nightfire sighs happily, "Somehow I don't care...... but.... I do feel a bit squinchy!" She shakes her head and creates a cloud of dust and sand, "Twas tooo much fun... but now we are gonna have to *nose scrunch* take a bath... bleeeeh"

Fauna Fhang shudders and pins her ears to her head. "I hate taking a bath.. it makes my fur all curly and poofy.." she sighs.

Dirk (Prime Parx): nods " yeah you twoo need a shower.....hell you could probably get that taken care of in the den " tilting his head at Fauna " your hairs Curly?"!

Fauna Fhang raises her right eyebrow at Dirk. "Ya! What of it?" her lips purse. She was sensitive when it came to her problem with her fur fuzzin

Brekka Nightfire sighs softly, "yeah.. my hair isn't curly.. but it takes forever for my tail to dry!" She pouts, then smiles to Fauna, "Calm down purrrty.. he was jussss suprised ya"

Dirk (Prime Parx): shakes his head to Fauna " no reason really... i was just curious no need to get defensive"

Fauna Fhang scrunched up her nose trying to show them she was just kidding. Even though one of her five tails was clenched up tight.

Brekka Nightfire starts dancing, "we'll just dance all the dirt off" She says unseriously.

Dirk (Prime Parx): gives Fauna a playfull nudge looking back at Brekka " yeah im lucky my hairs short" he would stoptalking after seeing her start to dance and just laughs " well that all depends on whare all you got sand i guisse"

Fauna Fhang giggled and joined in the dancing. To her surprise small piles of sand started gathering at her feet.

Dirk (Prime Parx): just watches the two with a smile not exactly being the most gracefull dancer

Brekka Nightfire hops about, "oh yea.. uh huuuuh.... shake the boot tay.. .clean the the bootay" She singy songs about, "hey.. at least we'll have less sand"

Fauna Fhang giggles at Brekka. "Who taught you how to dance girly! I love it!" she hops to Brekka's song. "Oh ya! Bootay!" she shakes her tails and sprays Dirk with sand. She couldn't help but laugh

Dirk (Prime Parx): shakes his head as sand hits him in the face and dusts himself off " hry watch whare your flingin that chick"

Fauna Fhang hurs. "Well, I can't help where my bootay sand flies too" she nods and bites her bottom lip snickering

[23:42] Brekka Nightfire nods enthusiastically, "Bootay sand definitely has a mind of its own.. its dah rules"

EROS 010 Fr8 Steezo

EROS 010 Fr8 Steezo

Freestyle, painted in Mid-fall with the Homie DAESK. One of those times when two guys talk about getting together and doing something for years and finally one day, it happens. The Homie DAESK is an old school Minneapolis writer who has done a lot for the scene. It wasn't until recently that he had expressed a real interest in going out and actually painting illy style, that I actually felt he was serious about it happening. For years I had heard the lip service on the ill shit but when it came to getting down on legal gigs and jobs, he always came through. Good lookin' out Homie! It's for those other times that I had to keep putting that bug in his ear..... but like the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". Finally, he started to wet his pallete. A little here, a little there, that's all it took to get them juices flowing again. Sure as shit, after I had pretty much wrote it off as another year of near-action, he hit me up....... and was real serious about getting down on them lines. After all the hyping up I had been doing, I felt totally obligated to make something happen. We met up and went to a few choice spots and everything looked like it wasn't going to happen. I started to feel the pressure when, luckily, I had recieved a call from another Homie informing me of another, special location, not far from the area we were in, that had shown promise a few days earlier. Sure as shit, the lead turned out. After getting to the layup, we made a few long walks to find the perfect car. After spotting it, we walked even further to make sure it was clean. Unfortunately, it wasn't. So after about a half hour or more of fucking around we ended up walking all the way back to our original spot and began on the next best thing. It was pretty dark and the shadows from street lights made my piece damn near impossible to really get a good read on what I was doing. Luckily for me, my fr8 neighbor hooked me up with a little innovation that helped out. I was very happy to see he came well prepared, not just for himself but for me as well. That's what makes up a good partnership when painting. When you know that the guy next to you is looking out for your best interest, as well as his own. We continued to rock and other then having to take a small break when trains passed, we completed our first train mission together. All the talk was over. It was a done deal and ever since then, he has hit me up with more innovations and more ideas for rocking this next year. I look forward to testing them out and making it happen.
Good times!

ear cleaning spray

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