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House Cleaning Corona

house cleaning corona

    house cleaning
  • Housekeeping or housecleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform.

  • aureole: the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere; visible as a white halo during a solar eclipse

  • corona discharge: an electrical discharge accompanied by ionization of surrounding atmosphere

  • A long, straight-sided cigar

  • (botany) the trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped outgrowth of the corolla of a daffodil or narcissus flower

house cleaning corona - Corona Clipper

Corona Clipper BP 3180 1-Inch Capacity Bypass Pruner with Vinyl Coated Steel Handles

Corona Clipper BP 3180 1-Inch Capacity Bypass Pruner with Vinyl Coated Steel Handles

The Corona Clipper forged bypass pruner is a heavy duty pruner with a blade and hook that are individually hand matched for precision, ensuring the closest, cleanest cuts with maximum cutting capacity. The Radial Arc bypass blade shears precisely with minimum resistance and replaces easily. The blade and the slant-ground hook, designed with a narrow profile to fit easily into tight spaces, are deep forged for strength and durability out of Coronium steel alloy that holds a precision edge. The steel is fully heat treated to permit resharpening for continued clean cutting. The hook is designed with a sap groove to remove debris and preserve cutting action and a tough, wire-cutting notch. The pruner features a precision-machined, self-aligning pivot bolt that adjusts with just one tool. The non-slip grips on the handles are cushioned to enhance comfort. This pruner can cut through 1-inch thick branches and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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43. 43 is me and all my complexities!

43.  43 is me and all my complexities!

43!!! June 2nd. Today is my 43rd birthday and I couldn't be happier! Summer is about to begin and I've had a wonderful year. Not only that, I have the most wonderful friends and people in my life who care about and believe in me. What could be better?

I keep thinking that this is the beginning of even better things for me. I've secured my job this year; am on a good healthy track physically and emotionally; and continuing to work at myself at being the best person I can. I'm the strongest I've ever been in a very long time. Let's hope YEAR 43 is a good one.

I'm leaving today for a nice long weekend in Cali. I couldn't be happier and hope to return with good memories...good times...and PEACE in my heart.

Just no speeding tickets!! ;););)

Here's a little reading for you. 43 random things about me. I get a little long winded, so if I bore you...just skip to the end! LOL

1) I ran a 7:38 mile last week, doing a speed workout. Not bad.
2) My favorite meal is a good steak and asparagus...with a good bottle of red wine.
3) I'm a night person...always have been. I despise the mornings and could do without them. Problem is, my days start out very early...too early in fact. I sleep very little.
4) My greatest inspiration in life, still to date, was my Grandfather. I don't know if anyone will ever replace him and my thinking. There are so many things about me that come from him. My love of the outdoors, camping, cycling, writing, the love of the written word, rocks... He always believed in me. I loved him so very much.
5) I wish I weren't so vain sometimes. Then again if I weren't...I'd probably let myself go.
6) How is it that I can remember every, single phone number I've had since I was 6 years old and if you asked me my home number now...I have to look it up on my cell phone to see what it was?
7) I wish I was 3" taller and thinner. I wish...I wish...I wish...
8) When my mind's made's made up. I'm pretty much one of those who doesn't budge on convictions and my thinking once I've done so. STUBBORN! However...some people just know the right kind of way to sway me...(damn you charming people who just have that way about you!!).
9) I learned that money and possessions do not make you happy. It helps...but does not always fill you. The true key to happiness is being with someone you love, doing something you love...laughing, loving and learning along the way.
10) I fail to understand why people live in sedentary lives...sit around...and never fill themselves with something more than a couch and tv set.
11) I quit watching television five years ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. I have a few shows that I like, but I'm never plopped down on a couch for anything longer than an hour here or there. Actually, I never plop down on my couch.
12) I have this one big, fluffy down pillow that I've had for years. I take it everywhere to sleep on. Crazy to some of you, comfort to me.
13) I have learned the hard way that if you speed and get caught a few can be costly.
14) Which reminds me...traffic cams are the devil to me!!!
15) I still have every running shoe I've ever owned since I started marathoning a few years back. Don't ask me why? I don't know either.
16) I can proudly say that I've run two marathons in my life. One in 4:50...the other 4:26. It took a lot of work to accomplish doing both and was glad to get that 26.2 monkey off of my back.
17) I workout or train or exercise just about every day.
18) I'm really not a very patient person. If you think I am...I'm just pretending.
19) I keep a very clean house. Always have, always will.
20) I make my bed every day, even if it's two minutes before going to bed.
21) The louder the music the better.
22) Right now, Jack Johnson is what I've been playing. That boy is cute and has won my heart over in lyric...sound...mood...vibe. I hate it when celebs put a hex on me!
23) I love to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I never make chocolate chip cookies for this reason. BTW...they are my favorite, even over cake!
24) My favorite cuss word is "fuck". What other word can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, any given moment? I'm sorry if this offends any of you, but I really don't fucking care. See...adjective. ;)
25) People say I'm outgoing, not shy; but there are times where I could hide in a corner and not want to be noticed at all. I will never dance. I will never do karaoke.
26) My biggest enemy is myself and that I think too much.
27) For the life of me...I cannot eat anything from McDonalds.
28) If someone is a daily part of my life...he or she is special. I have many friends...but to be a daily part of it takes someone to grab me in a special way. Otherwise, I'm a loner.
29) I've never figured out why people settle for things in life...just settle. Settle for the bad relationship

Bienvenidos a Lujan

Bienvenidos a Lujan

Historia de Lujan
A mediados de 1536, desbaratando indiada hostil, tropas de don Pedro de Mendoza unos 300 hombres- se trabaron en combate con pampas a orillas de un rio. No se sabe muy bien, acaso llevado por la correntada, o a lanzasos, muere un tal Diego Lujan, de acuerdo a ciertas cronicas. Sin embargo el hombre no figura en los registros. Hay, si, un capitan Pedro de Lujan.
Dicen que el apelativo de ese cristiano dio nombre al sitio, donde la muerte se llevo, al jefe de la partida, Diego de Mendoza, hermano del Adelantado.
En un mapa que se atribuye a Ruy Diaz de Guzman, aquel soldado paraguayo que escribiera la primera historia de la Argentina, desde el descubrimiento al siglo XVI, aparece dicho rio con el nombre de Sehuyan. Y cuando en 1580 Juan de Garay reparte indios y tierras en el Valle de Corpus Christi, "por otro nombre rio de Lujan", apunta, figuran naciones indigenas barajando similitudes eufonicas como suyan, delajan, luyan.
Por tanto, acaso un apellido preciso o derivacion de tribus naturales, dandole nombre al paraje.
Lo cierto es que en esa soledad de llanura y cielo, Lujan sera posta necesaria en el Camino Real, ruta hacia Chile y Peru por 1663.
Recostada sobre el rio es tambien antemural de pampas, serranos y tehuelches, que asolaran en malones, matando a los hombres y llevandose cautivos a chicos y mujeres. Una larga lucha por la civilizacion que se adentrara hasta bien cumplido el siglo XIX.
El afincamiento fue a un milagro sucedido hacia 1630. Por ese tiempo, un convoy de carretas chapotea el rio Lujan por el vado de Arbol Solo y hace noche a orillas de la Canada de la Cruz, cinco leguas al noroeste de la actual ciudad de Lujan. Traian dos imagenes de la Virgen, de la Consolacion y de la Pura y Limpia Concepcion, hechas en humilde arcilla cocida. Iban rumbo a Sumampa, Santiago del Estero, traidas desde el Brasil por encargo de un portugues que deseaba entronizar a Nuestra Senora en aquellos sitios.
En el amanecer siguiente reemprendieron viaje. Menos el carreton de las Virgenes, como empantanado y ajeno al cinchaje de los bueyes. Descargadas las imagenes, solo quiso continuar una de ellas. El intento se repitio varias veces con identico suceso. Puesta nomas, caballeros. Ahi se quedo Nuestra Senora de la Pura y Limpia Concepcion, enamorada de la tierra.
Puro pajonal y desierto en derredor, don Rosendo de Oramas, patron de la zona, le erige un oratorio. A poco, en tierras pertenecientes al sargento mayor Marcos de Siqueyra, se construira en adobe y lena un nuevo templete, ya no tan solo, pues lo acompanan ahora algunos ranchos diseminados sin premura. Ano 1670.
Crecida en la oracion y el silencio, sobre la boca de las arnas, la ya Villa de Lujan tiene Cabildo propio hacia 1756. Sera el primero en reconocer a la Junta de Mayo y tendra partida de defuncion a fines de 1821, por mano de don Bernardino Rivadavia, ministro de Martin Rodriguez, gobernador de Buenos Aires.
Precisamente un cabildante lugareno, Juan de Lezica y Torrezuri, curado de mal grave por gracia de la Virgen, levanta un Santuario en agradecimiento. Sera el primero. A cal y canto. Un 8 de diciembre de 1763 lo inaugura el pueblo que ayudo a levantarlo.
Trece anos mas tarde -1776- se crea el ultimo virreinato de America, el del Rio de la Plata, a cuyo frente la corona designa al teniente general Pedro de Ceballos, buen soldado y caballero de Santiago. La "ultima llamarada de Espana en America". Viene con 100 barcos y 9000 hombres de tropa para ordenar una estrategia geopolitica frente al avance portugues que pilotea Inglaterra.
Al ano siguiente Lujan tiene su primera escuela, con maestros que antes de luchar contra el analfabetismo deben hacerlo con los padres, que se niegan a enviarle sus hijos, al punto que uno de ellos lo golpea fieramente, "estropeandole la maquina humana", segun grafica un acta del Cabildo.
Tiene escuela y primer medico rentado. Y en poco dos abogados iniciales. Ambos recibidos en Charcas. Y americanos. Uno es Jose Francisco de Ugarteche, paraguayo, futuro diputado en las asambleas de 1813 y 1825. El otro, Julian de Leiva, vecino de Lujan, quien como sindico del Ayuntamiento de Buenos Aires, el 25 de Mayo de 1810 tendra una pregunta famosa y no menos evidente: "Donde esta el pueblo?". Santuario, posta, villa, paradero de Blandengues, defensa contra el salvaje, "poblao"en mitad del campo, Lujan ve pasar de tanto en tanto las carretas salitreras, que vienen de las Salinas Grandes, proximidades de Bahia, rumbo a Buenos Aires.
En 1806, con rumbo diferente, esta vez de Buenos Aires el norte, otras carretas traeran los caudales del Fuerte para salvarlos de la primera invasion inglesa. Quedan depositados en el Cabildo de la Villa. En casa contigua se alberga Sobremonte, al parecer con intencion de establecer la capital del Virreinato en Lujan. El invasor llego primero que las intenciones. El virrey se fue para Cordoba y el tesoro para Londres.
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house cleaning corona

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